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Come for a drink, stay for the music

Sometimes  the best things are left to chance and I couldn't have better proof than the event that happened last evening. My folks went out to dinner with friends and with nothing good on TV I decided to take a trip to the Cornerstone. Usually I go there only on Thursday nights to  hang out with my friends, but the Coronas and shots of Jack Daniels were calling. I got dressed and called up Westwood Taxi, I was sitting at the bar by a little after 9PM. Usually there's a DJ playing dance music  way too loud, however when I entered the bar that evening much to my delight I saw a drum set being setup in one of the side rooms. The owner who just knows me as "J"  caught me sneaking glimpses and said it was something new at the Cornerstone. They would host a band one or two Saturdays each month, the first band  in this "concert series" was The Brian Dougherty Band . I was very impressed that my "local bar" was starting to host  bands!! The band started p

2 Months of writing

After taking September off to collect my thoughts and really focus  on getting my head straight, I figured October should bring some decent writing......I wasn't disappointed. It  started with the trip  out to Hershey, like I have been doing with the Field Dayarticles, I decided to spruce up the journal entry on here and submit it to the Frog Holl Tag Trader edited by Lynda Walker. Hopefully that will appear in their December issue. Secodly, and more of a political tone, just in time for the elections, I was writing in defense of former  Councilwoman Joanne Howely, who in my opinion really got smeared for minor problems.While in the end she wasn't exactly innocent, I felt she needed to know someone out  there supported her. I also found ir was a way to keep my batting average  up! It also proved to add to my popularity in town, in good and bad ways! Third and definitely the most rewarding from a writing standpoint, after a couple years absence I composed three new poems. The