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Blaming the wrong people

We all remember the "Clock Boy" incident where a young,` yes Muslim,high school student disassembled an alarm clock threw it in a shoe box then took it to school? Though technically he didn't "build" anything, he took something partially apart and put it in a different box. He did absolutely no electronic assembly what-so-ever. even I could disassemble a clock and throw it in a metal box and say I built new clock.It had wires coming out of it and it did look weird, though I wouldn't have called it a "bomb" Of course in this day in age the school thought it looked suspicious when he showed the clock to the teacher, the teacher warned him having something like that might concern people. It did and he was sent to the principal's office where the principal said the "invention" looked dangerous and called the police. This was after he was given plenty of time to explain to school officials what the device could do, and refused. Let'

Apply the WMD test

 Democrats insist the ongoing problems in the Middle  East can't be solved b y the United States, especially with military actions. The insist defeating ISIS is just one big game of whack-a-mole and we need to pull out and let the fire burn itself out. They said the Iraq war was a mistake from day one and they best thing to do is to leave the area completely. People against the war seem to think while Saddam was a brutal dictator, he did keep some stability in the region. Some claim since he didn't have WMD's, even though years later Bush was actually proved right, didn't pose a threat to the United States proving to some the entire war was one big mistake and it did the opposite of the main goal, made the world less safe The problem is because nobody knew if Saddam definitely had WMD. However people in Iraq are living better, they are having elections and yes they are better of without Saddam, it has just taken a longer time than anyone expected and there's still a

7th Annual ALPCA Garden State Region Meet

Well another successful Garden State Meet has come and gone! Once again American Legion Post 157 opened its doors to just shy of 50 collectors coming from as far away as Arizona joined members from up and down the eastern seaboard for another wonderful day of collecting. Setup began just shy of the official start time of 8AM, by the time official trading began, the hall was filled with activity. Adam Garstka not only served as the official photographer for the meet, he brought a wonderful display of early Connecticut plates and licenses. He was accompanied by Dave Kuhen, always wonderful to see Dave in New Jersey. We had some new faces at the meet this year including brothers Jon and Phil Leib, both with encyclopedic knowledge of New Jersey license place history. I wish we had more time to chat Convention Chairman Ned Flynn urged members to make their reservations for the 2016 ALPCA Convention in Fort Wayne. Jason DeCesare was one of the most entertaining auctionee