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The previous post

Alright I said something I shouldn't have on here and now I have to take it down. I wass annoyed at another webmaster for what I felt was hiway robbery and instead of making a big mess like always I shall retract the previous statement and hope he forgives me. Stayed tuned for more details

An e-mail worth saving

Alright this isn't some chain letter where you have to- send this to like 50 people or your hair will fall out. No this is definitely NOT a Christmas note, I am not THAT "politically iincorrect"! Finally this isn't going to- be one of my three page writing masterpieces because frankly I have getting up since six and at a keyboard, other than mine own, for three days straight, didn't go in today due to weather!! Those 11am wake-up calls are over, well at least for awhile. A miracle has happened, I, Justin Mattes, am gainfully, if only temporarily, employed! As of Wednesday I got a job working at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City (yes you read right NEW YORK CITY). How did this happen you might ask? Well a long-time friend, Ben Romney, who is a radiologist at Columbia called me up a few months ago and said a widow of a doctor from India of all places donated slides of her husband's lung x-rays for the University to use for med students to study.

The disgrace of victims

I am now watching the testimony of the evacuees on C-SPAN and it went from a diginified dialogue about what they went through to a sloppy assualt on t he Ferderal government. Too be fair one of the panelists had enough brains to allow just enough of his emotions to show, without allowing them to cloud his judgement. All of the Congresspeople on the panel have been resspectful and let the folks speak their mind. It is understandable the evacuees are upset and I'm not saying the government did a good job, they fail and failed miserablely. However they lose my sympathy when they say they were gathered and put into "concitration camps". HOW DARE THEY? It is offensive to REAL victims of the Holucast and they need to shut the fuck up! I have been discriminated against all throughout my life, just as much if not more than they have and I haven't once compared the people who have done bad things to me Nazis. This is a disgrace and the American public are getting angry! Thes