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Hi-tech cat and mouse

This caught my eye while surfing the Internet. It seems a COBRA escaped the Bronx Zoo a few days ago. Obviously the news spread and the search for the snake (not to be confused with a NY politician) is that lastest and greatest to have a Twitter account. It seems someone is having a little fun with the incident with one Twitter  account for the Cobra, username "snakeonthetown", which is filled with extremely clever Tweets like " Leaving Wall Street. These guys make my skin crawl." and " On top of the Empire State Building! All the people look like little mice down there. Delicious little mice."   I was literally falling off the chair laughing as I compose this entry. Hey  you have to wonder what kind of person has the mind of a snake?  I could write more but nothing can match the whitty comments of this slimey reptile!!/BronxZoo

"Somewhere in Texas George W. Bush is laughing........."

I have been blogging for years and been reading articles on the Internet, mainly linked of Yahoo's site, even longer. After the articles there's a place where people can leave comments, the comments range fro-m intelligent dialogue to absolute absurdity. For the record I KNOW President Obama was born in Hawaii and George W. Bush WASN'T BEHIND 9/11! However every know and than someone posts a comment that blows me out of the water. Like everyone in America I am horrified about what's going on in Lybia.  Ronald Regan was right to call Ghadafi a "mad dog". Personally I co-uld come up with a few more colorful descriptions, but there's too much violence on the internet and I don't want to add to it. We all agree Ghadafi is a bad guy who needs to go. The problem is it isn't that simple, as we found out in Afganistan and later Iraq. However I agree now the United States can't fight on a third front.  Although we can't let him continue his brutal

The two Kings

The news from Northern New Jersey is focusing on mainly two things these past 24 hours, the massive flooding that has swept the area and the ongoing fight between Peter King and the Muslim community./ Well since  Hillsdale is indeed right next door, I should mention that the hot spot for news crew is the Ki=ngs parking lot. At first glance people would think it would b e good business for Kings, but then again showing the parking lot filled with water isn't exactly putting out the welcome mat. I  have yet  to ride  my scooter down the road to check the brook. Alright now down to business even if you totally disagree with Peter King, you have to  say he has guts. The problem here, as with most  government policies is if people sense their rights are going away, they'll jump up and down and scream. However once it's explained and parts implemented, then things calm down. King has struck a nerve with people who feel he's targeting a certaain group, the question is why was

The King's Speech WINS

Well it's a guilty pleasure of mine, I do watch the  Oscars. Maybe it's because such  a movie nut it's actually the one awards program I care about.  People say Oscar's evil twin, the  Razzies, which celebrate the WORST of the movies, is just as entertaining. The nominees for Best Picture, Black Swan, Inception, The Kids Are Alright, (I also enjoyed ) True Grit , The Fighter Toy Story 3, Wintere's Bone (I liked a lot) all deserved the nomination and truthfully I wouldn't have been surprised No matter who won this year. Admittedly I haven't actually seen The King's Speech yet, but everyone knows the story about how King George VI of Britain overcame a stutter to become England's King in one of the most important times history. The story is about the King ,played by Colin Firth overcoming his stuttering problem with the help of a speech therapist Lionel Logue, played by veteran English ac tor Geoffrey Rush.  I won't bother going into details. Th