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Tiger Woods Sets the tone

My dad loves golf, he plays, watches it, breathes it, and  while I don't share his obsession, I enjoy the game. I know the Masters is played every April, I can name about 20 players on the tour. Last week my niece, nephew, my folks and I played at one of Cape May's finest courses, mini-golf courses. So I was more than in-tuned to Tiger's return  to the game after some physical and personal troubles. He played a remarkable round for what he has been through and is back on track to become one of the greatest golfers. He brought the game to the attention of young people, especially minorities. It's safe to say Tiger has more than made his mark on the game of golf This won' t be a Tiger "lovefest" but I want to show my support of what he did two  Sundays ago At the post-round interview Tiger Woods fielded the usual questions about his game a reporter asked about his feelings toward the Commander-in-Chief. Now Tiger has had dozens of interviews and been