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Join or don't join

 I never really understood why people would say the never will join ALPCA. I' not saying ALPCA members are better butr realize belonging to a club does have ups AND downs. I joined ALPCA in 1994 and nave a very modest collection I also have travelled around the country and made friends. ALPCA has also has a entire different side to it. I have made friends that go beyond license plates. My membership has given me the opportunity to expand my writing portfolio, no only with article in the magazine, but other publications. Folks who have met me in person know I have a disability. I have struggled to travel to meets, even my own, but with the help of fellow members, I have attended 14 conventions, been to dozens of meets and even help co-found the ALPCA Garden State Region. I also have written a handful of articles Not bad for someone who doesn't drive, can't use pen and has a hard time speaking. I am not here to sway people into joining. ALPCA is NOT for everyone. However I a

Cracking crypto currency

DISCLAIMER: I have never used crypto-currency and in t he camp that thisa FTX scandal will set it back, though how much I don't know. i know the basics and this piece is more of an overall overview on my take on the FTX scandal and the Congressional response. I will be watching Bankman Fried's testimony. The US Justice Dept. just released the charges against FTX wonderboy Sam Bankman Fried. The charges he's facing include conspiracy to defraud the United States, wire fraud securities fraud and money laundering. T he Charges could mean, if convicted, he could be facing a jail sentence. Not to mention the slew of angry people who w ould like nothing better to throw him into a big dark pit with flesh eating bacteria. Ok that's a bit dramatic but I'm sure  they can recoup some of the money he stole. At first people say he was the next Warren Buffet only to realize he was really the next  Bernie Madoff or Kenneth Lay. From what I read, like Mark Zuckerburg, he really isn