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2 One-day road trips Part I

Sometimes travelling realitively close to home is better than travelling far away. Jason DeCaesare, a fellow plate guy, photography buff, computer whiz and all-around great guy, decided to break in his new car with a road trip to Woodcliff Lake to pick me up. Our plan was focused (forgive the pun)on photography. I never actually took a trip into the city, or anywhere specifically for taking pictures compared to Jason who takes these trips on a fairly regular basis. Jason, like myself, is advid fire buff! He has literatelly thousands of images of firetrucks, from the FDNY to Ohio to everywhere in between. So one of the goals of the trip was to shoot some of the local departments. Jason picked me up early Saturday morning and we headed into Rockland County NY where qwent around to the different firehouses, all volunteer. The firefighters at the Nyack fire department where great, not only did they allow us to look around the firehouse, the pulled their trucks out so we could shoot them