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Mom Poem

Allow me to share a few thoughts about a special lady named Mary She was well known for remaining calm even when things got scary Being the oldest of five children she was like a mom before becoming a wife While she was peaceful, she fought hard when needed to make things right When Peter walked into the Howard Johhsons he knew he met his match Mom was so creative she made our Halloween coustumes from scratch A glass of wine in her hand sitting with her honey admiring their yard An amazing woman who knew raising three boys was a joy and at times hard Her heart was so big, during her life she had three dogs Tyson, Rufus and Goober Mom's laugh was so unique and easily triggered by the most minor blooper She was the happiest woman when she became grandmom to Zander and Quinn Grandmom was their loudest cheerleader when they scored a goal for the win Known for thinking outside the box, more like cutting it with a sharp knife This is how Mom known as Mary to others, lived every day of he