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The Christmas Letter-2010

Well folks here we are another year down. For those who don't  know, or don't remember last year on Christmas Day I sent on an e-mail out reviewing some of the highlights of 2009. I got such a great response, this year why not do it earlier? I also have been going through some of my old writings and retyping them on the computer, this time backing them on an external hard drive so its making me reflect on a lot. I have also come up with some new material, both on my website ( ) and my blog ( ) First the family, the biggest thing being the death of  my grandmother,Theresa. Almost all of you  know she had Alzheimer for a very long time and moved in with my Aunt Dee in Park Ridge. Up until a few months ago she was very heath physically, but it was getting harder for her to eat and she  really loss strength quickly. Everyone says it was for the best, but I miss her sti