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Norm Ratcliffe induction

  One of the highlights of the convention was seeing ALPCA member and all around good guy Norm Ratcliffe get inducted into the ALPCA Hall of Fame. I actually knew he was going to be inducted months ago because I wrote the biography for his plaque. It was a writing project I worked on since January and had to keep it under wraps until the convention. Norm has been a member of ALPCA for forty years and has definitely made his mark. Congratulations to one of my best friends from Canada!!!!

Forth of July joy

  So as a little chuckle on the eve of the forth I cruised outside Congress Hall. I passed a couple sitting in the rocking chairs with their two girls around 10 and 12. The older girl had braces on her legs I stopped, just threw out, CP? She nodded, Then I said I HAD THOSE don't worry they are not forever. She sighed. Then I turned to her sister and simply said your sister is going to teach you lessons you are going to use for the rest of your life;. The sister nodded. I didn't write this for a pat on the back. It just a feeling I got while on an evening cruise.