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Cloning vs. Hacking

Here is another post from my Facebook page. I a really getting annoyed with people announcing" They got hacked on Facebook" without really understanding the difference between getting CLONED and getting HACKED Daily computer tip: Folks please let me explain the difference between "cloning" and "hacking"Facebook Accounts. Cloning is you get a friend request from someone that you already have as a friend on Facebook. A computer, not a person, cloned your account and the clone is requesting it. Usually the cloned account has less than five friends and doesn't have a profile picture. I get about three of these a week, no I don't inform the person because there's nothing he, she, whatever can do. Just hit decline and be on my way. I admit in the very beginning I fell for this and posted on people's walls asking them to change their passwords.. However this has been going on long enough that people shouldn't need to say "Don't a