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Memorable Memorial Day

It started out as a pretty normal Memorial Daqy. Chris, Natalie  and Zander came up this weekend, we went to  the Old Mill yesterday and while mom played with Zander I decided to do some laps. This morning I woke up earlier because I knew Mom wouldn't let me out of the house without some kind of breakfast. I woofed it down and waited for the car to be moved so I could get my scooter. I was a bit bummed because  my camera stopped working but still I was psyched. They call it the Tri-Boro parade because it goes through Woodcliff Lake Park Ridge and Montvale, every  year they alternate. Th is yea r the parade started at the Woodcliff Lake firehouse so I went down to hang out. I unexpectedly ran into a good friend Bob Hanna, actually I went to school with his son Robbie. Everytime he sees me he anno unces, "Here's trouble!", which is true and this time was no excpetion. Well he announced he put his 1931 Model T Pickup in the parade this year. After about a second he answe