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Project Rebirth

I had this huge essay planned about September 11th. It would start out how my dad woke me out of a sound sleep and just ordered "Turn on your TV QUICK. I would write about how I) fumbled for the remote and saw the replay of the first plane striking the tower and how I stood there in total shock like the rest of the country. Then I went where I also go when I hear of an incident of such magnitude, my police scanner where I would proceed to listen to the events unfold. Altho ugh I have to say I didn't hear the first "MAYDAY" before the towers crumbled.........I'm glad I didn't hear it. The ham radio was tuned to the two ham repeaters used in an emergency in NYC. I just listened and prayed all day long, since I knew a few people who work in the towers, most of them made it out ok, one did not. Like many Americans that day I grieved both publicly and privately. I knew people who made it out alive, I knew people who didn't make it. However on that day I ju

The Traveller

I know this summer I have neglected my writing a little, but I wil l maqke it up in one shot with a review of my travels this summer. Between two trips upto Lake George, a stint down in Atlantic City, going tp a graduation party in Connecticut, I think I can fit the definition of a "rolling stone". Well I should start by saying the job at Columbiaconcluded in Mid July leaving me with more than a little spending money. So with my second to last paychech in hand I quickly cashed it and went down to Atlantic City with Pete and Jason. They made out, I broke about even. I couldn't have had a better time The first trip upto Lake George was a bit shaky because it was Chris and Natile(have to put them together becau-se they aree getting married in November) Pete, Jen, some friends and myself. It got really interesting when one of Chris's friends, despite my warnings, setup a tent right in front of the townhouse. I) objected but it took s omeone else from th e homeowners a