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KC2GIK back on the air from home!!

First an apology Like 90% of my recent posts I  get distracted. This past September I had a wonderful thing happen............I GOT BACK ON THE AIR~  Well let's beginning! When I move down to Cape May I  had setup a temporary antenna on the bedpost.  It did the trick but the SWR was really high and I wound up blowing the finals in the Kenwood. My friend Dennis fixed in but I didn't want to go through that again.  KP works for an antenna company and it just so happened they were doing an install in  nearby Lower Township. So he convicted his boss, Warren and coworkers, Sid and Stephnen to make a pitstop down to Cape May to run the wires from outside into my room and to put an antenna on the roof. I finally have a station from home instead of having to run down to the firehouse to get on the air. Every since I moved to Cape May I dreamed about the possibility of working simplex!