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"Nice sense of irony"

As I have previously said in this blogs my folks have bought a house in Cape May back in April and we have been going own there every now and then, but the house is now under c onstruction (more on that in another post). While searching for things to do, I found they sponsor movies on the beach every Thursday night. Unfortunately I only am finding out about this now while I';m back north, although I did catch the Fourth of July  Fireworks early this summer. Upon closer inspection, the movies  are really family oriented l ike Sherk  and Princess Diaries however tonight is the biggest night of the series, the movie  I think the enitre town waits for every year, the grand fiinale, JAWS !! Yes I think  it's extremely wise to show this movie at the ENDS of the season rather than the beginning for very obvious reasons. I would usually  dismiss such an event listed on the Internet,let alone event I can't attend, but it's just so perfect.  It';s one o f the manythings I lov