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Rockin at High Falls Cafe

Alright I have been wanting to write something about Memorial Day weekend for a week, but been distracted. I went with my parents and friend of theirs, who are almost like aunts and uncles to me up to the High Falls Cafe High Falls, NY. The bar, named after the town, is owned by Buffy and Brian Gribbons who I have known most of my life. They are the same age as my Uncle Matt, nine years older than I am, so it' was near hanging out with them. Unlike my regular haunt, The Cornerstone, High Falls Cafe has a different kind of atmosphere. It's a family restaurant that happens to host some pretty awesome local bands come in, even has a little stage in the bar when they aren't preforming outside. The High Falls was celebrating their fifth anniversary so they had a few live bands and an outdoor BBQ. It's kind of ironic because wen t spent a great deal of time outside the actual bar. After everything settled down I did get to have a few beers with Brian and ju

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Feedburner now works

If you have tried to subscribe to this blog Feedburner the last few weeks you'll notice it wasn't working properly. Actually I didn't notice either until Dave K2DSL dropped me line. After a few e-mails back and forth he helped me troubleshoot it through and now everything is fine. If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog and click on the button so you get e-mailed whenever I post to this blog. I actually have had it going on and off for awhile now but now it works and is just another handy dandy feature to make your visit to more enjoyable. I still have a few things to workout and I have a another great post coming up...........Stay tuned