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House of People

 Dealing with loss at any time is difficult. Dealing with multiple losses in a short period of time is much  harder. Dealing with losses when you can't say a proper goodbye is downright devastating. I lost two friends, Bill Cole, N2CSA, a Cape May County ham radio operator and mentor and Mike  Ross, a member of the Cape May Veterans Home Association, two days apart. I knew them well enough to say they were friends. Like just about everything else these days, mourning takes on a whole new meaning, but I still mourn First to Bill I actually emailed him a few times before moving to Cape May because a mutual ham friend suggested I have a local contact if I needed help with anything radio related. Bill was also in charge of Cape May  County RACES, which was definitely a good sign. He informed me the City of Cape May didn't have a radio officer and someone from the county was driving to the Cape May firehouse o-nce a month to do the test. I asked him if I could assist Bill's r