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Congratulations to Jeff and Jess


Seeing Salt Lake

The first day of the convention I do more gabbing than buying, this year was the same.Activity on the floor was brisk,, I didn't make the parking lot meet or whatever you guys call it but I did make the line up Wednesday morning. A thought about those who gripe, or think to gripe, about high entry #'s. I don't really see the difference. Maybe it was just that I didn' t look hard enough but for the first hour I saw more people talking than trading. I don't think I bought my first plate until towards the end of the first day! I didn't hand out as many fliers as I had hoped but people just said I have the information already. I gave the stack to Jeff "Faz" to put on his table, hopefully he handed out a few. My heart did stink a little when upon entering the hall I saw before me a wheelchair run before me. It was a beautiful display, I just wish it was mine. I didn't catch who did it, but if you're on the list congrats The Welcome Reception was