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Walking in other people's shoes

I hate when people say that I should walk a mile in some elses shoes. That is just such bullshit and so is the grass is always grennier on the other side. The grass isn't always greener because if it was we all lie cheat and steal to get there. One of the first lessons in life is that it isn't fair. Ok I am not that religious but I always enjoyed this story. Whenever my great aunt hhears me complain about how my life isdn't fair she tell-s the "Cross Story". Her goal was to make me see that my life isn;'t as bad as I so-metimes make it out to be. One day a man think he has the problems of the world on his shoulders. He goes "God I can't handle this cross. May I please have another?" God responds "OK follow me" and the go into a room filled with crosses. The guy picks one of the crosses up and says it''s too heavy. He picks another up and say it drags on the ground and is slowing him down. Finally the man finds a cross in the co

The week of Thanksgiving '05--Part II

Being it's the Monday after Thanksgiving I should label this as such, but I am not renaming "Part I". Alright the traditional Wenesday night barfest continues, with a twist this year. People that think New Year's Eve is a big drinking holiday don't go out the night before Thanksgiving. Knowing you have four full days to mend your wounds from a very late evening helps too. In a way it's even better than Christmas Eve, only different is you arenn't looking forward to the next morning.It came into question a mulititude of times if I could survive the walking. Although thee timing and the amount of drinking, was perfet! The bars up in Pearl River NY held something called a bar crawl consisting of a number of bars all within walking distance, yes even by my standards. It's something my brother wanted to do last year, but wound up staying in one bar. Alright the night began with an opening round at Felix's House. Ok all Thanksgivings open with drinks a

The week of Thanksgivnig '05--part I

Ever since I was little I could always remember I like Christams better than Thanksgiving (what kid doesn 't?). Alright that still maybe true but I can say with a straight face I like the week that leads upto Thanksgiving better thaN the week leading upto- Christmas. Maybe it's because Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, no matter what the DATE it falls on. One of the very few highlights of going to school here was that the week before Thanksgiving was always half days, it still remains the same today, Monday and Tuesday are parent-teacher conferences and they make Wenesday a half day jut because it's the day before Thanksgiving. The night before has become just as important, it started in high school when we had the tradition Pascack Valley bon fire. Ok I only made it the t h e last two of my five year at PV, but they both were what I would consider two of the higlights of going to high school. Now that we're older my other brother Peter and I go out to the bars

I should have written myself in

Jon Corzine was never actually in danger of losing the election, it just seemed that way. Right from the beginning everyone knew, and publicly aknowledged Corzine was the dead on favorite. It was a simple as getting a Democrat far enough away from McGreveey, he fit the bill. Some might argue he is just another "looney liberal" but he falls short ofd a Kennedy, Polosi or the worst of the bunch, Howard Dean. I met Corzine a few times, knew he would always be n the right side of the issues, but I am in no way declaring my undying loyality to the Democratic party. They have so much wrong with their orginization, it's sickening. Howard Dean being in charge is all the evidence I need to prove my theory. Putting a medical doctor in charge of a political orginization is JUST AS BAD as having a trial lawyer at the helm. An exception to the rule is Lindsay Graham of South Carolina who would get my vote any day of the week I split my vote, I seldomly vote strictly on party lines.