The week of Thanksgivnig '05--part I

Ever since I was little I could always remember I like Christams better than Thanksgiving (what kid doesn 't?). Alright that still maybe true but I can say with a straight face I like the week that leads upto Thanksgiving better thaN the week leading upto- Christmas. Maybe it's because Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, no matter what the DATE it falls on. One of the very few highlights of going to school here was that the week before Thanksgiving was always half days, it still remains the same today, Monday and Tuesday are parent-teacher conferences and they make Wenesday a half day jut because it's the day before Thanksgiving.
The night before has become just as important, it started in high school when we had the tradition Pascack Valley bon fire. Ok I only made it the t h e last two of my five year at PV, but they both were what I would consider two of the higlights of going to high school.
Now that we're older my other brother Peter and I go out to the bars the night before which has been a big deal! We just go out It's a tradition that has been past down from generation to generaion With the exception of New Year's Eve it's the best time to drink!

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