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The DJ should be hanged

Did you hear about this? There's a DJ out there who said over the air he'd rape another DJ's daughter. Put aside the fact the police should have hauled his ass off right after his broadcast, if I) were that child's father I would have shown up at the guys house with a few of my closet friends and three feet o-f rope. Seriously folks we have all said violence doesn't sovle anything. However I really think the threat of violence does have it's place, especially when it comes to protecting children. "We all have heard it befor about the child rapists that get something like five years in prison. Give me a break. This is the perfect reason to take justice into our own hands sometimes, don't label me as an anarchist! I still believe in justice and the courts system, however like I have said before, the times are changing. It has become harder and harder to keep these guys locked up!