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Made it in one piece

Well hello from beautiful Dover Tennessee! Yes indeed ladies and gentlmen I am officially here at Jane's house typing this entry on her computer. The table's a bit shaky so I won't write a lot but I figured I pop on here in case anyone is wondering how I did on the plane. It was great although I didn't get to use the free drink coupon Jeff gave me, they don't serve alcohol at 10 am. Although I certainly made up for it later last night!! J(ust kidding. Anyway Well I accomplished one of my major goals I set out went I decided to go on this trip. Jane took me to a bluegrass competition yesterday and I got to hear parts of "Dueling Banjos" LIVE! Alright it was almost certain I would hear the fimilar Southern tune sometime during the week, but I never imagined it would be on the first day here!

Tennesse here I come

Just when I thought it was never coming here I sit six days until my plane departs. My friendx Jane's roling out the red carpet. The best part-- this is yet another trip I am conquering all by myself!! It just hasn't felt "real" to me but now I have the confirmati0on for my airline tickets in my possesion and mom's reviewing of what clothes I'm bringing down with me, this is as real as it gets!! This trip is also taking some major prep work, last Saturay I went to the DMV to renew my photo id. For those out there who care, I am actually proud of myt picture. Now that the new ids are digital, you actually can preview the pictures which give a chance to review the mug shot. Jane and I met in Washington while we were doing the medical malpractic lobbying. Over the serious of three day trips Jane and got a chance to talk. We both discovered each other's gift for writing and the friendship grew. She is a strong lady, no wonder my mother likes her. I learned

A grown-up Birthday party

OK so birthdays have always been a bit bitter sweet for the old Jayman, bu t there have been some highlights. I'll start with this one because it was a "guy birthday", meaning all my guys friends took me out to Hooters over there in Paramus for beers and wings. I picked it for the girls but my birthdays have been known to have a hint of nostalgia behind them. My grandfather built the Howard Johnson's resturant that now houses Hooters, s ee I'm n ot quite turning into a "dirty old man". I wish I had in in the original resturant, bu t this was better"!' I was surrounded by three friends, my brother, his friends and plenty of "eye-candy". My dinner was a "JMclassic", it only consisted of buffalo wings and ice cold beer. For those out there wh o know me, yo-u know how much I love my buffalo wings! I am not a big beer fan, give me my "Jack Daniels" any day. However with a batch of spicy hot chicken wings, give me a BU

Enjoying the Arts

When you don't do something often enough, you sometimes forget how enjoyable it can be. Last night I attended Les Miserables-- A Concert Review put on by the New Jersey Choral Society, which was basically the play with just the music. As seasoned I thought I was about Broadway plays, nothing could prepare me for such a wonderful evening out. My neighbor and I sat in the autoriuml of Bergenfield High School along with abou t 100 observers as the choir belted out songs from the 100 year old play. Since it wasn't a full musical som e of the characters gave background information about the play and the French Revolution in general. Live music helped a lot, it always does in these kinds of plays, I have been to a few was they played prerecorded music and it wasn't the same. One of the neat touches was the choir dressed as well as the preformers on stage. For more information you can visit their website at

The Old March Wind

Man it's March 2nd and the high today is 27 degreess and windy, not exactly prime conditions to take a ride in the old scooter. However I did want to do something productive with my day so I decided to jump back to a Marh day in my past! OK maybe it wasn't exactly March but it 's close enough!! When I was very little my mother hand this poem "The Old March Wind " by Jan Conder Soleging hanging up in my room. I remember it vividly because she had hand-copied the poem out of the book. So for a little chuckle I looked up the poem on the Internet and decided to post a copy on here. I don't think I could have thought of as better way to open up the month of March!! We had a tug of war today, That old March wind and I. He tried to steal the new red kite I took outdoors to fly. He huffed and puffed. I pulled and pulled And held the string so tight. That old March wind gave up at last And let me keep my kite. Jean Conder Souleging