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End of the year note 2023

 I emailed this to a select few people and figured it would make a good blog post. I want to make it public. I hope everyone has a safe, healthy and successful new year!!! Well we did  it another year! I have been waiting for it to end since the end of last January. I wasn't even sure I would write this note, then I remembered something I heard from  a high school friend a long time ago, "No matter what happens in your life good or bad, and you'll have more than your share of both, just keep writing".  Seems I have been doing a lot of that lately, especially poetry. For those who don't know we lost my mom, Mary at the end of January after a brief battle with cancer.. Devastation doesn't even begin to describe it. That set the tone for the rest of the year.  Mom was such a big part of a lot of lives, not only family, but friends she has known most of her life. She was loved and will be missed by so many. It's hard on all of us but we're helping each ot

Christmas without her

  We didn't put a tree up this year, Nor did we bother with any lights Decorating will bring sadness and tears Also I know you hate seeing dad and I fight You're always in our hearts Mom and in our minds as well I am really missing you a lot Mom, you know it, don't have to tell It's not the same without you Mom is all I can say I know you'll be smiling when we get together Christmas Day -J. Mattes 12/19/23