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Response to Jeff Francis

I just read ALPCA President Jeff Francis's second post to the ALPCA Discussion List. Time and time again he relies on other people to provide4 him information, or should I say misinformation to make his off-the-wall, out of right field comments. Every single time Francis wants to post to the list he sends an e-mail to Steve Benson the list moderator, who does an excellent job, and Steve posts it. To me that means he doesn't really want to know how the membership feel I am posting a response here because I don't want to see it rejected: I read President Francis's post to the list (via Steve Benson) extremely disturbing on numerous levels, mostly because he's cherrypicking a few out-of-line posts and assuming most of the posts are written in that tone. Sure hesays these negative posts are in the minority, but then I ask why hasn't he hasn't posted a positive message, like an update on the archives? In response I ask President Francis to look at the list