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Poem about "her"

 Well since the website is still down I manage to write a poem about let's just call it "an online relationship". Which is why I will not say her name. Definitely had it's bumps, although she and I our finding our way. I'm a bit anxious to skip a couple of steps but not rush her too much. It's definitely a learning experience for the both of us but we're finding our way together which is what couples do. I have been reserved and my friends have warned me not to do anything I regret, like going too fast. Ok I admit we'll both a little comprehensive and that's because we're doing this together. It's also reignited some of my writing creativity. I wrote the poem below for her, of course she loved it. We'll see how this progresses but this is definitely a long time coming When you cry all I want to do is wipe your tears When you are scared all I want to rid you of fear When you laugh all it want to do is capture the sound' When you talk

ALPCA Garden State Meet Report

       On a brisk October day 65 people (51 members and 14 guests) assembled at the Pennington Fire Company for the 14th Annual Garden State Region meet. Once again Ed Butler and Justin Mattes hosted collectors from a half a dozen states in a hall filled with close to fifty tables.Among the attendees was long time New Jersey ALPCAn Phillip Leib who brought some incredible old New Jersey plates to display Plenty of coffee, bagels and doughnuts were provided to feed hungry collectors during the morning into the afternoon as they swapped stories and tin. Among the newest members was also the youngest in the group;. Miles Klenk attended his  first meet accompanied by his mother Rebecca and his father Matt. Miles reminded the veteran collectors what it was like going to a first meet. His eyes were all lit up when he saw tables of plates.  The Garden State Region thanks all attendees for their continued support over the years. We will seeing your again at the Pennington Fire Company on O