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Georgia on my mind

    Here's my take on the Georgia ID law. Imagine this you were born with a physical disability. You will never "get better" you are constantly mocked by children and dismissed by adults. Your parents apply for a special parking permit so you don't have to walk long distances. in order to get this permit you need a doctor to fill out a form You need to go through this process EVERY THREE YEARS, even though your disability is PER MANENT! You turn 17, no driver's license for you because you are unable to drive. You get a state ID instead. This requires you asking someone to fill out the paper work because you can't write. You AGAIN need a doctors note and yes you need to renew this every three years like a regular driver's license In Georgia to get a voter ID you simply fill out a single sheet of paper and send it in. You can call some to assist you in filling out the paperwork. A week or two later you get a card in the mail that NEVER EXPIRES. The voter I