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Go to hell Dr. Gosnell This kind of stuff does make me sick in all kids of ways. First of all the Hippocratic oath taken by all doctors is "First do n o harm", Gosnell abused women and killed their children. He's disgusting and should rot in a cold dark cell that's after  he is beaten within an inch of his li fe. I am usually am for the death penalty but I feel it would be to easy a punishment for this monster.  If there were any real justice he would contract some illness and instead of doctors helping him, they let Gosnell suffer for a very very long time! I would give him just enough medical attention to keep him  alive, barely for years. Or I would snip HIS SPINE although the only downside he c-couldn't feel anything else so that's out of the question. This is one of the few flaws I see in the "cruel and unusual punishment statues".  I truly believe there shoul

Honesty is in fact brutal

I again got scolded again  on the ALPCA e-mail listserv and was given a "last warning". What horrible thing came off my keyboard? What was so shock so despicable that one more "objectable comment" will make me banned? I simply \inform another member  his problems were not unique and nobody cares. Now I have recieved plenty of harsh  truths in life, some stung a bit more than others. Did I like them? NO! Did I always see the advice people were trying to give? Of course not. However I have never accused people of being insensitive. It started when a fellow member who runs a few meets in North Carolina complained aabout low attendance and other problems.  To make matters worse I have been  asked nicely to apologize. Usually I bite the bullet and admit I was wrong but even the people who objected to my post didn't object to  the idea, just the way  it was  presented. This seems to be a reoccurance in my writing, it doesn't matter if it's an e-mail or an ar