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Jerkweed Jaun is back

Back in July I wrote about this idiot license plate collector I nicknamed "Jerkweed Jaun"(see below). He's still on the  Yahoo list and I'mp still on his case. Call it payback for accusing me of screwing  him out of pl-ates. I won't be satisfied until everyone in t he plate collecting community knows, what a Jerkweed he ha beco-me. His who-le approach to collecting i0s wrong, he tries to get p=lates for nothing, breaksx trade promises on a whim and other stunts that  would give a collector a bad  name. His pattern, make noise on the list for a few days and then  go back into hiding until his next st9upid request. Believe  it or not Jaun has tried to make truce saying he didn't mean to jerk me around, but I'm not buying into the scam. I am a big believer in giving people a second chance, but I don't think Jaun deserves that chance. On the contrary, I believe he needs to be taught a very hard lesson and I feel I need to teach it. While I won't accus

Blaming others is the utmost act of intolerance

The news about theshooting of Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords is racing across TV screens and plastering the front pages of every front page in the US, if not the world.  I share the grief of all those who have been touched in some way. It's   even more heartbreaking to learn that 9 year old Christina-Taylor Green was also tradgically killed. Green, born September 11th, 2001, was from what I see as the true "American Girl".  She was very patriotic, loved baseball (America's favorite past time) and will surely be missed by family and friends. It  bothers me that people have again turned tragvedy int a fierce p;olitical debate. From Keith Olbermann suggesting placing picture of Giffords with crosshairs on Sarah Palin's website gave the shooter the idea to suggestions the Tea Party endorsed the shootmakes me mad. Case in point take my comment on Facebook: " The Arizona shooter is a self-described 'left-wing pothead, yet the media is pointing fingers at t