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Saying Goodbye--Joe's last gift

Yesterday I composed an entry about the passing of Joe Higgins, a former  fire chief and the OEM Coordinator for Woodcliff Lake. Let me step back and reflect on the past few days. I learned of Joe's passing via e-mail from Herb Kuehlke the current OEM Coordinator and Joe's friend for over forty years. Even though I knew Joe was sick, and the news wasn't a shock, I immediately hopped on my scooter and drove to Fuscos where George confirmed Joe had passed away Friday night. One of the things I vividly remember George saying was Joe passed away at home, surrounded  by his family. For some reason I felt the same way  as I did when my grandparents passed, after a long battle, he finally won the war. Joe was in Heaven now doing was he always did looked oout for those he cared about. That evening I heard the announcement over the radio, it had finally sunk in. Being the popular fellow Joe was, Spearings Funeral held a wake both Tuesday and  yesterday with the mass today. My mothe

Passing of Joseph A Higgins, Jr. KC2LCX

  This is the e-mail I sent out to the bcraces Yahoogroup about Joe Higgins. I don't want to repeat myself but I will say I will always remember Joe for his radio knowledge and his dedicate to OEM and the fire department. It is with deep regret I announce the passing of Joseph A. Higgins, Jr., KC2LCX, the former OEM Coordinator and former Fire Chief of Woodcliff Lake, NJ. Joe died early  Saturday morning after a long illness. Besides being a fire chief and OEM coordinator, he was a former chief of New Jersey Search and Rescue as well as an active member of New Jersey Elder Law Association and taught religious classes at Our Lady Mother of the Church here in Woodcliff Lake. His wife Josephine is active in the Tri-Boro Ambulance Corps. and is a former Councilwoman and  Mayor of Woodcliff Lake. On a personal note, Joe was not only a mentor, but a true friend whom I've known for over twenty-five years. I went to school with his son Michael

World CP Day

I have  noticed that a lot of the previous posts have stayed "drafts" for one reason or another but I feel this will be completed in one sitting, mainly because it is World CP Day . Although October is CP Awareness Month , yes we share it with Cancer Awareness Month. I have been reading CP blogs and posts this morning, especially Love That Max where Elen Seidman doesa wonderful job describing what it's like raising a son with CP. Man I have grinned and nodded more times while reading about Max's life than I'll ever admit on here. I sometimes find myself commenting "Wait until Max gets older...." Then I had a thought. Those loyal readers remember when I did the Diversity Day up at the Branchville School in Connecticut where I talked to kids about it's like living with CP. I always wanted to do more of that but never really pursued it, although it  has crossed my mind from time to time World CP Day raises awareness about people living with Cere