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Another night at the VFW

  You all know I live next store to the VFW. Like everything else I have a million stories I could tell. Tonight was different, a Navy Veteran and a frequent visit brought his boat crew in tonight. They met during the Vietnam War and remained BROTHERS ever since the war. They were joking laughing and just enjoyed each other's company. I've seen vets joke with each other before but this was different. It was something I never witnessed. Men from all over the country assembled in the small town of Cape May to laugh, maybe cry a little, and just be together. I I immediately bought their first round. When they went to pay the bartender she just pointed in my direction. I just said thank you for your service. Each one got up out of their chairs and thanked me. I didn't write this to brag, it was a simple gesture on my part. Tonight I witnessed something amazing, life long friendships that definitely stood the test of time. Certainly worth more than a round of beers Folks I won&