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31 Statements about Justin Mattes

Jeff had a version of this posted on his face book page and I thought I would publi0sh here too. Let's face it it is indeed of of my better writngs. Even though I don't turn 31 for a few weeks, I 1. I am proud to say I am the only one in my immediately family who was born in Bergen County (Valley Hospital in Ridgewood.) This really means I am a Bergen County Guy. Although when I was born I was transferred to Columbia Presbyteran a day later. Mom was so sick she stayed in Ridgewood and didn't see me for 5 days. First thing she asked my dad was "is it a boy or girl?"! I prefer C.P. to Cerebral Palsy 2. My Birthday is 3/15/78 I share my birthday with Andrew Jackson, probablly why I always use $20 bills whenever possible. Other notable events on 3/15 were the assination of Julies Caesar. Bit of irony because if the doctor had done a C-Section instead of natural child birth I wouldn't have CP. Thee state of Maine was admitted into the union on 3/15 , Maine was th

Surviving Valentine's Day

In fine JM tradition I have been waiting all day to write this entry. As a matter of fact I went out last night so I could stay home tonight and write. These last few Valentine's Day I have been more sensitive maybe because I have yet to ihave a girlfriend myself. I go through stages at times I'm thankful I still single, I couldn't really afford one right now anyway. Although part of me just wishes I could expirence true love. Instead of snuggle up with some sweet someone I'm stuck here writing this entry. Such is life People have asked why I haven't written more poetry. Wedll I just am not as inspired as I was when I had a fickler of hope at a few romantic encounters. Some of my best poems stemmed from the hope I once had. Like many other times I felt that if I really meant what I wrote, some how insome magically way it would work out for me. However as I sit behind the keyboard I am finally facing yet another demon that rears its ugly head every February 1

Kicks on Route 66-ham radio style

Alright I have been a little behind on posting to this blog but I thought I would do a little backtracking. Every September a few hams setup stations along old Route 66. Now given my love for license plates and cars this obgviously is right up my alley. This past Sempteber was the first time I was able to participate with my new setup! The stations use special 1X1 callsign ranging from W6A to W6S are scattered along the old Route 66. So I looked the information up and learned that the Missouri Texas and New Mexico stations setup PSK, so of course I attempted to pick them off. Well easier said then done. I had to go on 40 meters in the middle of the night to see if I could get them. All of the contacts happened around 2:00 in the morning so I couldn't actually run downstairs and tell my folks...So I had to wait until the next day. I sent the QSL cards out one by one, complete with SASE and patiently waited for the return cards. I also needed New Mexico on 40 Meters so it was a