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Mike Adams,WA2MWT,SK

Mike Adams,WA2MWT, Ramsey's OEM Coordinator, passed away earlier this week. Besides being a friend, mentor and all around great guy he was a member of the 10-70 Repeater Association. The 10-70 Board decided to publish a few tributes to Mike Adams in their newsletter, but I missed the deadline. So I decided to put it on this blog instead. May Mike rest in peace My friendship with Mike Adams started the way most of my current friendships have started.......through e-mail. Mike had stumbled upon my website by doing what countless others h av e done, searched for frequencies for towns in Bergen County. Of course he already had the frequencies for his hometown but wanted to listen in to different towns in the area. He e-mailed The original exchanges back and forth gave us a chance to get to know each other better. >At the same time David Kozinn started a mailing list for Northern New Jersey police scanner enthusiasts, I was the second member, Mike joined the group sho