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Rachel Dolezal harmed minorities

The minute the Rachel Dolezal story broke, I felt ill. It's like somebody sucker-punched me right in the balls/ A white woman posing as a black woman, what's next? I felt betrayed because people with disabilities are often the only ones who get called-out for portraying themselves as "victims". They are still the ones who automatically ands unfairly targeted for being "burdens" because to some degree it''s true. Dolezal's problems where entirely her own doing, she made herself  a target, there's no other way around it.  It's on her birth certificate, it's in her DNA, SHE'S WHITE Yet she insists she is "transracial", a complete farse even in 2015. I don't understand the premise of  "trans-racial" and Im not alone She's not "brave",l  she did not "come out". Her defenders have said Dolezal had to  struggle with "racial idenity" the ways some gays, lesibans and transgended p