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Better late than never

My dad called me from downstairs just now saying I had mail. I wasn't excepting a license plate, all my magazines for the month had arrived, so what could this possibly be? As soon as he handed me the envelope my eyes widened. It was a long lost QSL card from W7YES from Oregon!!! This was truly a rare contact that lasted all of thirty seconds, just enough time to exchange the correct QSL information and fade away into the airwaves. I was so exciting when I bagged the contact, I raced to get the QSL -out in the mail. After quickly typing and p rinting out one of my trademark cards, it was more than a pleasant surpri0se to finally get the card six months after I sent one out. I have commented on a few contacts I have made on PSK, but this one definite is one of the more rewarding QSOS since making my first contact a little over a year ago!!

Why we can't feel bad

By now you have heard Steve Fossett, the great aviator Steve Fossett is missing somewhere in the mountians of Nevada. What was suppose to be a simple scouting expedition for his next daredevil stunt has turned into another famous person gone missing mediafest. Fossett's air achievments have been extrodinary, I especially liked the last one he did, flying around the world nonstop in 76 hours. Maybe it's because the native Aussie has choosen the good o-ld USA as his launchpad for these achievments or maybe like countless other people I have a genuine interest in general aeronautics. Although there is a small part of me that is amazed people are horrified that his missing. I am concerned for his safety and hope he is found, although thre's a small part of me that scratches my head when I hear that people really are upset before we know what really happened in those mountians . Fossett was known for his attention to detail when breaking all these records. From an outsider&#