Better late than never


My dad called me from downstairs just now saying I had mail. I wasn't excepting a license plate, all my magazines for the month had arrived, so what could this possibly be? As soon as he handed me the envelope my eyes widened. It was a long lost QSL card from W7YES from Oregon!!! This was truly a rare contact that lasted all of thirty seconds, just enough time to exchange the correct QSL information and fade away into the airwaves. I was so exciting when I bagged the contact, I raced to get the QSL -out in the mail. After quickly typing and p rinting out one of my trademark cards, it was more than a pleasant surpri0se to finally get the card six months after I sent one out. I have commented on a few contacts I have made on PSK, but this one definite is one of the more rewarding QSOS since making my first contact a little over a year ago!!
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