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The Parrothead flew the coop

Like millions around the world I'm mourning the passing of legendary singer Jimmy Buffet. Facebook is obviously filled with tributes to the Mayor of Margaritaville, some pretty funny memories out there. One stuck out particularly, Zak Brown called Jimmy Buffet an "American Poet", which  seems fitting. Buffet lived in Key West where another writer, Ernest Hemingway called home and did most of his writing. I think Jimmy toured the Hemingway house a few times  for inspiration and even wondered how he wrote. It makes me wonder about the conversations between Hemingway and Buffet are having right now. I can see Hemming smoking a pipe while Buffet toking on the finest marijuana ever created. They are talking about writing, their adventures on the sea and how they lives impacted their craft. Man would I love to be a fly on that wall. I wonder if their ghosts are going to wander the streets of Key West Florida together?? You never know what will happen. While Buffet was a beloved