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Ten years.........and a week later

Like so many of the recent posts I started this a week ago and just finishhing it now!! Sunday marked the 10 year anniversary of the tradgic day that changed our country forever. Ironically one of the things that I remember about both d ays was the weather wa perfect, a nice sunny fall day with a light breeze. Although unlike that day I wasn't glued to the police scanner, I decided scooter riding had to take priority. Like many towns Park Ridge had a ceremony attended by all the emergency services, including the OEM. I drove down to the ceremony to find the road closed to vehicle traffic, well most. I parked right by the memorial and joined the percession into the memorial park. It was a pointant ceremony were elected officials spoke and members of clegy lead us in moments of reflection. We then attended a reception at the American Legion Of course this entry wouldn't be complete without mentioning the monitoring. People think that because I live so close to New York City I