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2022 New Years Note

  Well it's that time of year again! We all think about new years resolutions we broke the last 12 months trying to get through this new world we have come to know. While it has been rough I have managed to find good news still outweighs the bad even though at times it doesn't seem that way.  I will try to make this short Let's start with my brother Chris, his wife Natalie, my nephew Zander and niece Quinn.  Well the good thing about working for Progressive Auto Insurance is Chris is always on the road so he never missed any work during this whole ordeal. He has worked out of his for years and nothing has changed. Natalie has been able to work remotely although she has been going into the office more. Both Zander and Quinn played soccer this year, I went to one game each. We went up there Christmas Day and stayed overnight. They are both getting so big. I keep warning Chris growing up with all boys is different than having ka son and a daughter.. I laugh he has more grey h