Cloning vs. Hacking

Here is another post from my Facebook page. I a really getting annoyed with people announcing" They got hacked on Facebook" without really understanding the difference between getting CLONED and getting HACKED

Daily computer tip: Folks please let me explain the difference between "cloning" and "hacking"Facebook Accounts. Cloning is you get a friend request from someone that you already have as a friend on Facebook. A computer, not a person, cloned your account and the clone is requesting it. Usually the cloned account has less than five friends and doesn't have a profile picture. I get about three of these a week, no I don't inform the person because there's nothing he, she, whatever can do. Just hit decline and be on my way. I admit in the very beginning I fell for this and posted on people's walls asking them to change their passwords.. However this has been going on long enough that people shouldn't need to say "Don't accept a friend request I just got hacked" because you didn't get HACKED , you got CLONED and there's nothing you can do. Just decline the request and be on your way.. In theory if you accidently accepted the bogus request your profile might get cloned too but again not a big deal. If you're going to friend somebody make sure they have a profile picture/. ALSO you have a profile picture too. No not the most personal picture you can find, but something current. ALSO change it often like every month, or just a few times a year, you don't need to change it everyday or even everyweek

. Hacking, true hacking, is very serious but it is also extremely rare on Facebook. The true definition of "HACKING: Someone has obtained access over your original account and starts doing things with it. Another clue, you won't know you have been hacked. Just weird stuff happens. Again this is EXTREMELY RARE.. Whenever someone tells me they, or even worse they tell me I, "got hacked" my first reaction is "how do you know?". NEVER tell someone they got hacked publicly over Facebook. If you think a friend has gotten hacked tell her/him/whoever off Facebook, like a text or an email; If you get hacked, absolutely change your password and run a virus scan immediately. DO NOT ANNOUNCE YOU HAVE BEEN HACKED OR CLONED Just deal with it quickly and move on
This will bore 99% of my friends but hope it helps somebody out. Yes you can share this.


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