Uptown Girl vs Thriller

I'm  a big fan of Billy Joel, ever since I got into music at a young age, he is my favorite artist. Notice I didn't say singers, although I get a chill up my spine when certain songs of his come on the radio. I joined a fan group on Facebook dedicated to Billy Joel, not just his music, but his life, some news clips and other stuff.
Like any other Facebook Page with hundreds even thousands of people all aroound the world. There's a debate trending on whether "Uptown Girl" should have topped Michael Jackson's Thriller at the Grammy's for best song. As much as I like "Uptown Girl" and respect Billy Joel Michael Jackso n's "Thriller" did more for Mr. Jackson's career than "Uptown Girl" did for Mr. Joel's career. Also remember I am a poet and a writer who has studied both songs not just as musical composiitions, but as poems, which is basically what a song is without the instrumental components.  Below is the post I added to the debate

"I am as a big a Billy fan as the next person on here and would never say anything negative, but you have to be kidding me! Thriller is one of Michael Jackson's most iconic songs even though I like Uptown Girl it wouldn't be in my top Billy Joel songs!! I think this separates the folks who love Billy Joel's music and folks who idolize Billy Joel. Ok we all know ten Billy Joel songs and if you're a general music buff you should KNOW ten Michael Jackson songs (I said KNOW NOT LIKE). Can anyone with a straight face compare Thriller with Uptown Girl?"
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