I wrote it no credit

There are pages on Facebook where people report fires and  other emergency incidents either in the local area or nationwide. In Northern New Jersey we have a group where we can discuss such incidentsa. Well there's a guy on there who uses the incidents to write a few new reports for his own website. Usually he just gets the headlines and then follows up by either calling a department or listening to his own scanner. This time I was amazed to find n a summary of what I wrote appear on a commercial website. I know all this because the webmaster asked questions through a stream of replies basically took the information and composed his article. It doesn't bother me he did this, but even most newcasts mention "sources say". While most want to reemain unknown, they want people to realize other people helped them out with the research
Photographers get their images ripped off all the time and make the biggest stink, as they should but it seems too often than not writers often face worse offenses. Some photographers watermark their work,, others insist watermarking takes away from the picture. My philosophy is what's worse having a waterma rk or having your picture jacked? I usually get an unrealistic respond like, they'll work around it somehow, which like saying why put water
It's not even that I wrote an entire article but he took my tip and expanded it. I wish he had reached out to me to see if I had a ny details on the  incident. I feel, unlike photograph which is an equal amount of skill and luck, there's more background work to an article. I've done research myself, worked through writer's block, dealt with editors and had any number of other trials and tribulations to ovvercome. For a photographer he  or she may shoot thousands of photographs to maybe get one or two shots published. The thing of it is one shot can be used. The argument photographers make is it's easier to steal and photograph than a written piece like an article, this is true. Although plenty of articles have been plagurized all  over the Internet as well.
One of my pet  peeves is photographers who think because they can compose the perfect shot, they  can write the perfect article. I read a lot of articles where the writer also takes the pictures. It isn't too difficult for me to tell wether the photography or the writing is their primary ar tform

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