The wrong reasons for the right arguement

The hot topic of the day is the proposed  Mosque at Ground Zero. One the one side you havew people whining about freedom of religion, most of whom want to take the phrase "One nation under God" out of the pledge of allegence.  On the other side you have people claiming building the mosque steps from Ground Zero supporting the religion that the terrorists used to justify  the murder more than 3,000 Americans, some of the Muslim. Truthfully I still believe the ladder,  on the other hand I won't sitting here and claim the people who support  the Mosque are insensitive to the families of the victims.
Something has been going through my head something I don't think anybody has brought up. To me the obvious reason not to build a Mosque steps from the most devastating attack on American soil in history is one of vengeance. While Muslims tend to inflate the "hatred"* they get from fellow Americans, I can understand howmost Americans view the religion in a negative light.   So let's just say for the sake of argument there are very negative views of Islam in America. Let's pretend Muslims are being targeted for attacks in America, which is totally nonsense, but stay with me for a second. If Muslims  are supposedly so hated in America so much and people want to "get even for 9/11",how would someone go about doing it?? If everything goes according the Mosque will open on 9/11/11, ten years after the attacks. I wonder how long it will take before the Mosque gets attacked? Maybe a "patriotic American" will see building the Mosque as a threat and do something to destroy it? If it gets attacked then it proves what the Muslim community has been saying since 9/11, most Americans hate Muslims. However only one -person attacked the Mosque. So how is it that Muslims think on the one hand most of them are peaceful and when one of them attacks us, it's just one person that just happens to be Muslim. However when Muslim GETS ATTACKED  it proves  America (or should I say "non-Muslim") America is a racist country.
That's why I object to the building of the Mosque, it will be targeted from day one. Now after 9/11 you know how many Mosques where attacked in America? ZERO NONE ZILCH, not one Muslim was killed out of vengeance. I think that's because Muslims in general are small public targets. Sure some may have been harassed, but there wasn't a national round up, no internment camps. People in general have been very tolerant but I think this might be their tipping point. People who object to the Mosque say it sends the wrong message to the extremists, they are right, however it sends the wrong message to ALL extremists. An extremist who thinks Islam was behind the 9/11 would see the Mosque as a threat and destroy it no matter what the cost. Some say if we  live in fear all terrorist won, I agree. I also think building the Mosque in a way symbolizes the 9/11 attacks never happened.
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