The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

As I did with Peter Jennings a few months back, I wanted to pay my respects to Rosa Parks in my own way. If you do a search for "Tribute to Rosa Parks" on your favorite search engine you will get more than you could ever want her life and now her legend. Ms Parks (she never married) has achieve more than any of the top figures leading the civil rights movement today because she left definance as a last measure. . The true civil rights leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King being the most recognizable, used definance as a last resort and united not only Black but any other believers in civil right. They changed people's minds by appeal to their hearts. They preached they you can't always use the same tactics and you must draw attention to your cause without seeming totally unreasonable. They also knew small battles would win the war and knew the difference between equal justice and special treatment, something that the new "civil rights" leaders utterly lack.
What made Ms Parks so unique is she didn't just defy the law on behalf of herself or one particular race, by refusing to get up from she stood up for ALL minorities. Her act of courage inspired anyone who has ever been mistreated by an insitution to fight back, but to do it in a way that gets noticed.
Take a good look at the way she led her life, then you'll understand why she'll be missed so much!!
May she rest in peace
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