When TV commercials are really bad

Thi=s post could only be written after midnight during a week in the summer. I won't label myself a complete "couch potato" because most of the time when I'm home I watch TV while doing something else, like writing or chatting with friends online. However I have seen the same damn commercials for Geico and it is driving me nuts. Ok you have to see the one wit h t he stupid lizard, that's baD enough. T:hen to make matters worse then have G eico commercials of celebeties talking about this stupid lizard. I doubt they are paid a lot of money, and even i0f they are, is their self-esteem really that low?"
There was a TV commercial Hummer came out with that got my dad's blood boiling, this time I could sympathize. In the beginning of t he commercial, it had kids building soapbox racecars. Then it shows them lined up to race with one car bigger than the rest, obviously representing the Hummer. The race starts and you see all of the soapbox cars racing along while the bigger one decides to take a SHORTCUT. The point they producers were trying to make was because it was built bigger, it can cheat. So let me get this straight you build a bigger and better vehicle, but you still need to cheat in order to win? (Warning I am starting to sound like my father here) What kind of message does that send?
If yopu think I need to stop watching so much TV just think about this, I don't watch daytime soaps, I watch the news. Secondly these commercials come on multiple times during the same show, it's not a mystery they are trying to brainwash you! My dad said the the entirew idea behind cable was you paid so there wou ld be less commercials, that never happened! As a matter of fact it has gotten worse. I want to know besides kids around the holidays, when have people been convinced by a commercial to buy something? I would really like to know!