What it takes to get noticed

I read an article today on Mitt Romeny borrowing $3 to buy a coffeee. It ofcourse made light of the fact that the presidental contender for 2008 had a staffer buy him a cup of coffee. While I was reading this "earth-shattering" news it made me wonder if there's more dribble like this during the 2008 campaign season? Of course! This indeed is the me dia that four years ago plastered a stupid picture of John Kerry in a steril suite, complete with hood, all over the internet. There was an AP article on that too, I'm sure you can Google it. They say stories like these provide a humanistic approach to presidential races, after all pressidents SHOULD be everyday people. I wanlt to vote for a presidental canidate who I can see myself talking shop over a beer. However there are limts, something all news mediums, no matter what their poltical prefernce, do not comprehend. There's another problem, unless you're a political- news junkie (I am but I'm going into rehab on November 6,2008) you don't care about these little blips on the political news radar.
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