Remembering Allendale

A little while ago I was reminded of a dark memory......the death of my grandfather a few years ago. It seems someone is losing their father the same way, and out of respect I won't mention who, don't ask. However upon hearing this news I remembered how my grandfather suffered throughout the holidays. I remember the last Christmas he spent with us, his spot on the couch was replaced by a medical bed. The pain patches and other medications were placed on the exact spot where "important papers" once occupied a glass table in between the couch and the TV. I vividly remember the way the house "felt" that Christmas. After years of joyous events that went on, weddings, baptisms and numerous holidays within the walls. It was the site where I had visited every Sunday for dinner, the smells only grandma's kitchen couldx make. Or during the summer when grandpa would grill outside while watching us swim.
I remember the basement...the grandkids "office space" my cousins and I went into a pretend business. Of course me being the oldest I was the boss. While I won't go into- details suffice it to say that basement was better than my own basement in a lot of ways. One year my grandparents got me a t oy drum set and my mother insisted it stay in THEIR basement
Now another Christmas Eve is upon us, for years we have had it at our house, even before Grandpa got sick. Although I have to admit sometimes I still go past their street with Sean and wonder about the family living their now. You know what kid have what roooms. If they are enjoying ther pool.. I hope they fill it with the love we did


They did nothing about it

You folks know by now I tend to comment on politics from a truly non-partisan approach and I definitely condemn the IL Governor, he evens LOOKS like a sleezebag from the picturs and videos I have seen. The guy virtually has zero allies, I mean even President Bush still has he Cabinet and a handful of Congresspeople defending him. Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich can't expect even one ounce of sympathy from the people of Illinois, but they reelected him just one month ago. You can't honestly tell me that a month ago everything in the Land of Lincoln was great and that this came out of right field. I can't believe people can indeed be that blind. It amazes me that the parties have that much influence on people that they would blindly just retain the status quo. I would bet you the next election cycle the Democrats unfortunately retain control. However it has been documented that the Republicans have their own sets ofc ethical issues to worry about so they aren't free and clear of anything.
Secondly it amazes me how many people actually WANT Obama's Senate seat! To me looking at it from the computer screen in Bergen County NJ you couldn't GIVE the seat away, let alone sell it. Anyone claiming to clean up the corruption and already has ties to any government position in the entire state should automatically be DISQUALIFIED! I'm not saying all IL politicians are dirty, but perspection is reality. If you want to really improve the state's political image you get a vitural unknown figure, this time the idea WILL work! Polticians have never learned their lesson and the never will.
Third, and this is a reason why you NEVER TRUST POLLS and why POLLSTERS have no brains. 9% of people still think Blagojevich should remain in office. This begs the question who in the State of Illinois ARE these people:? They shouldn't be allowed TO VOTE!!!!


A chance encounter--Part II

Continued from A Chance Encounter---Part I
As we made our way out to her car in the back of my mind I had some major flshbacks from the almost nineteen year when I enter the Woodcliff School System. I thought about the times the kids used to tease m e on a daily basis. I thought ho no matter what I did or how much I tried I simply could not fit in. I had a couple of kids who talked to me but never "friends" just people who at least undestood my physical and emotional troubles enough to at least talk to- me. However the kids who were nice to me tended to be outsider s as well so I felt alone. I was never teased in public, well expect that one incident in the library very my manhood what question and to prove the creeps wrong I threw a chair clear across the room! The girls were worse, they just plain ignored me. Which to a socialable guy like myself is pure torture and emotionally crippling. There are so many horror stories over the eight years it would take about twenty-five parts to break them all down and I want to write them just about as much as you want to read them. Just imagine a nightmare for eight year playing continuously i n your head
Then there was Allison, a self-proclaimed rebel, by rebel I don't mean breaking school rules. By just aknowledging my existance besides just a stumbling body and weirf speech patterns, she automatically became m y "friend". Something that not a lot of the kids did. In days where going against the grain socially were unheard of in middle school, Allison took a risk that only now I could truly appreciate. At the time I admit the appreciation turned into an ill-tempted flirting on my part, which might have been a bit much.
Fast forward to present times back to the Cornerstone were Allison was sipping a mararita and I a Corona talking about our lives since the times of junior high. It turns out she met another Justin, I couldn't be happier for her. I clued her in on some of my travels and even my writing project. She talked about work and we both commented on our brothers getting married. I won't say it was like old times because the "old times" weren't "good times". We decided the Cornerstone was too noisey and drove down to Hoboken which gave us a good 20 minutes to talk. Of course like the blabbermouth I am I did most of the talking
The finals words she spoke were more directives than offers. She said she would like to stay in touch, and she meant it. Allison said she'd be calling me to hang out and I better come OR ELSE. That's definitely a request I plan on keeping!


A chance encounter-- Part I

It all started with a "reluctant"| trip to TJ Maxx with my mom in Westwood. We were nearby and she just conned me with "just a quick peek". We were roaming around and suddenly an old friend from Woodcliff Middle School walk through the doors......Allison. She was another member of the Wodcliff Lake Bunch that didn't go over to Pascack Hills. Now I won't going into complete details but th e switch was great for both of us. Neither she nor I really ever fitted in with the "Woodcliff Lake School" crowd, she moved to Park Ridge after grade school in Woodcliff Lake. (More about this in Part II)
So Allison and I moved on to bigger and better things. Now I can lie and say we all of sudden reunited at TJ Maxx last night, when the truth is we've seen each other on and off for years. We always promised we'd get together and catch up, but never did. So last night SHE suggested we go out for a drink. Of course given my past experiences with that line (with other girls), I was automatically skeptical, but she gave me her # and after dinner I dialed the number. Of course I got voice mail and left a message. A few minutes later I found a message on my Facebook page saying the phone line was busy (thanks Mom)! Anyway we finally connected and it was decided we go to the Cornerstone (what else is new). So of course I was very excited.
The music in the Cornerstone seemed louder than usual so she suggested we "move on"=.......to Hoboken! Now here's a sign of someone who knows a lot about me. Allison said we'd go to one bar and that I wouldn't have to walk far. I cautiously reminded her I knew my own limitations and assured her I was up to the task. So we got into the car and headed towards the Parkway. To be continued with A Chance Encounter--Part II