Response to Jeff Francis

I just read ALPCA President Jeff Francis's second post to the ALPCA Discussion List. Time and time again he relies on other people to provide4 him information, or should I say misinformation to make his off-the-wall, out of right field comments. Every single time Francis wants to post to the list he sends an e-mail to Steve Benson the list moderator, who does an excellent job, and Steve posts it. To me that means he doesn't really want to know how the membership feel I am posting a response here because I don't want to see it rejected:

I read President Francis's post to the list (via Steve Benson) extremely disturbing on numerous levels, mostly because he's cherrypicking a few out-of-line posts and assuming most of the posts are written in that tone. Sure hesays these negative posts are in the minority, but then I ask why hasn't he hasn't posted a positive message, like an update on the archives?
In response I ask President Francis to look at the list archives like I have done over the past few days. I didn't read EVERY post since this list was created, I just took a sampling and out of the hundred random messages I read from different members I found maybe one or two were harsh. I admit I am gulty of fanning the flames a few times. However never once did I consider leaving the list. This list has more positive features that unfortunately been brushed aside, I will site one example.
This list was suspended for a month in September of this year because the Board felt things "got out of hand" this couldn't have come at a worst time for us in the Garden State Region because we lost a meet site and were trying to keep members updated. Even though this list was still open to meet announcements there was no general discussion and that resulted in a bit of confusion. Something I was trying to avoid
Jeff's always saying "Don't type something you would n't say to someone's face" I submit to Jeff that writing something and saying something are two different things. Nobody understands this concept better than me because Iliterally can't say words I can easily type. Admittedly at times my written words have caused me to backtrack, but I think we all have been in that position. Also there is a flip side, don't take everything written so seriously. At the end of the day we all should understand this IS JUST A HOBBY.
Jeff needs to realize this list at time does spark some fierce debate but when things get too heated Steve is there with the hose to cool things down. Thank you Steve for doing a great job!

Justin Mattes 6748