Uncalculated risks

When am I going t o learn when it comes to Facebook one liners can cause just as much damage as a couple of sentences. It all came down to the taxi ride going there. Every now and then I make a stop at the TDBank to withdrawl money. Last friday evening I did the normal routine. During the ride I heard the taxi get his next fair to go from the Hillsdale train station. Since it wasa fairly new driver I decided as an act of good faith on my part I would leave the money on the back seat and I left the door open while I went into the bank. That was a m istake that I will never make again! The idiot got out of the cab took the money o=ff the back seat closed the door and proceeded to the Hillsdale train station, leaving toi walk the extra few blocks. Well I always give $20 on a $15 cab since they do pull in the driveway and do loop around right to the front. This time like an idiot when I poulled out my wallet I decided to leave @$20 on th e back seat because I didn't want to ppull my wallet out twice. I left the door open to make suree he didn't leave. He then got out of the car took the $20 and proceeded to ickup his next fare at the train station,leaving me to walk from the bank to the Cornerstone.
I got to the bar, ordered a shot and proceeded to post my anger on Facebook. After a few more drinks I decided to show how angry I was I posted something a bit more "racially charged'" post on my Facebook page. In the back of my mind, right or worng, I figured he pulled that stunt and this was my way to vent my anger. Well it was the most respoonded status update I ever had, some positive, most negative. The irony of it all is friends that don't usually post on my wallu came out against the way I expressed my anger. They also didn't buy my rationale that since he did this because he felt he could get away with it because it was hard for me to explain what happened over the phone.
Bottom line was, and still is, because I feel my disability played a factor in the treatment I recieved and so I felt racial comments were justified. I also feel people overreacted to my post. First of all, it was only one line. Secondly ri-ght or wron I felt a racial overtone would make me feel better in the end it didn't. I felt like saying something I've always heard like "Sticks and stones break your bones....." or "Actions speak louder than words". In the end I apologized because I didn't want it to get into a bigger mess, although it still got huge!!