Time needs to stand still---Part I

When sorrows come, they come not single spies,
But in battalions.

Claudius, Act IV, scene v

Within a 38 hour timeframe I went from axnious to overwelming happy to disappointed back to happy back to axnious now back to disappointed. People wonder why I don't like roller coasters well maybe it's because I have the emotional one too many times.

Justin Mattes

Two  quotes, a very famours one from Shakespeare's Hamlet the other my Facebook status update written yesterday. It's actually the first thing I wrote since calling Sean a "fucking hyenia" fo r him laughing at mt dispair. I promised myself I wouldn't rehash this story over and over again but here I am anyway. It all started with an invite to a party in the city, which intself is a big deal, something about going into the city is a big deal.  Added to the fact I got this idea in my head it was time I stopped going to  these events solo, or  becoming the third, fifth or seventh wheel. So what did I do? With myy friends encouragement and then pressuring I decided to ask   this girl to accompany me to t he party.  The rest of the night I was dropping hints to each one of the bar tenders that I wanted to ask this very simple question. It was liiike a poll to figure out if I was making a complete fool of myself instead of just a small one. From then on every time one of the bartenders  swooped by, they gave me a look accompanied by two words "ASK HER!"  

Finally one of the bartenders offered a stern, but much needed ultimatium, either I ask her out or h e's going to do it for me.  He then went to her and simply looked at me, she then looked at me and proceeded to walk over to my side of the bar. Of course I have the absolute worst pokerface in the world but even the smoothest of card players couldn't hide the emotions I was feeling. I started to ask the question but of course the bar was too loud as always so I motioned her to follow me outside. Of course that was the  exact moment this same bartender  HAD to go smoke. I tried to stand as straight up as I could and just asked her. She casually said yeah I'll go with you!! He wasn't near us but when we walked back inside he noticed the biggest smile on my  face!! As I took my she at the bar, she then walk back to her friends and just smiled. That was it, so I thought.  To Be Continued........