They think they got it hard

Every time folks on the ALPCA Listserve moan about the costs of going to the annual convention I feel the need to explain to them I pay a price no dollar can cover. That being said I have no idea if I'll even make it out to Fort Wayne Indiana, but it just felt like folks needed to be reminded of some genuine dedication to the hobby

   Fellow Convention Attendees

Every time I read about people complaining about the costs of getting to 
a convention I have to sit back, take a swig of Pepsi and just smile. I 
have often been accused in numerous circles I don't know how much money 
it takes to get to our annual event, but let me share with you another 
perspective. While you all are questioning prices, I'm talking to my 
folks about how I'll be careful. I get constant reminders "They can't 
hop on a plane to come help me if I get stuck".  While you folks 
complain about driving for hours, I'm trying to find someone to room 
with, because that's the only way I can go to a convention. While you 
folks argue over line numbers, I'm struggling to explain to people I 
don't know how I can get on and off a plane by myself, but need a little 
assistance with my scooter or walker.  While you folks grumble about the 
location of your tables, I'm holding my breathe until I see  friend 
waiting to drive me to the hotel. While you're unloading plates I'm 
explaining to a hotel employee I'm rooming with someone and asking them 
for a key. While you're complaining about who knows what to ALPCA staff, 
I'm just happy I made it to another convention.  Anybody want to trade 
their "costs" with mine?

See you folks in Ft. Wayne

Justin Mattes 6748

Attending my 11th convention